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Marine Services

There’s no doubt that marine window tinting is one of the most worthwhile ways to boost the look of your boat. An added bonus is that you’re also sure to feel much more comfortable a well-tinted vessel is. As you cruise, you’ll find that your vessel is much cooler with a good styling by Velocity Tinting. Boat window tinting also makes the glass safer, preserving the interior so that it’s less likely to crack or fade.


Can't Do It Remote? That's All Right Come to the Shop!

For unparalleled auto glass removal and tinting services here in Hillsborough County, remember Velocity Tint & Auto Glass. Velocity technicians are capable of traveling to you throughout all of central west Florida. For those with other needs or preferences, Velocity also partners with Brandon Ford/Collision to provide state-of-the-art, in-house glasswork and tinting services.

Land or Sea Velocity Has You Covered

Velocity Tint’s professional service technicians are trained for marine window tinting applications and styling services like few others in the Tampa area. It may come as a surprise to learn that boat glass often comes with some degree of factory tint, although the thin layer usually does not supply adequate heat and glare reduction or privacy. Additionally, the factory tint does not eliminate harmful UV rays that cause fading. Boat window tinting provides protection by adding a permanent barrier between your boat’s interior and the destructive effects of the sun, always a major factor in the Riverview area. Simply put, boat window tinting serves to effectively protect seats, carpets, vinyl, and leather. What’s more, your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard with a Velocity Tinting treatment. Ultimately, you’ll save fuel and help extend the life of the air conditioning system. When you spend your days on the water in the warm, sunny Tampa climate, the issue of safety is equally important to boaters. As the Riverview community knows all too well, the potentially dangerous UV-A and UV-B rays caused by the sun are not to be taken lightly, even when it comes to something as impressive as your marine vessel.

The Skin Cancer Foundation reminds boaters that time spent in the sun unprotected will put passengers at risk of skin cancer and sun damage. Untinted, UV rays can easily penetrate windows. In addition to sunscreen, marine window tinting is capable of blocking up to 99% of the sun’s cancer-causing rays, making it a sure way to reduce your risk to cancer or painful sunburn. Velocity is proud to serve the Tampa community with an array of tinting options.

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