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Auto Detailing 

Auto Detailing 

Velocity will be the first to tell you: there are many different levels of auto detailing, hundreds of different techniques and theories, and thousands of products. To the layman who simply loves their car and wants to preserve it for the long haul, the whole process of selecting a qualified auto detailing service can feel daunting. Unfortunately, the advice and techniques that are found often contradict each other. Ask three professional detailers what to do and you’ll most likely get three different answers. At Velocity, you can rest assured, the products we use are widely agreed upon within the auto industry and our professional detailing technicians are as experienced and thorough as they come.

Can't Do It Remote? That's All Right Come to the Shop!

For unparalleled auto glass removal and tinting services here in Hillsborough County, remember Velocity Tint & Auto Glass. Velocity technicians are capable of traveling to you throughout all of central west Florida. For those with other needs or preferences, Velocity also partners with Brandon Ford/Collision to provide state-of-the-art, in-house glasswork and tinting services.

Why Choose Velocity For Auto Detailing

Protecting your vehicle’s exterior and interior isn’t by any means just cosmetic. Too often, folks mistake auto detailing for a luxury when in reality, it’s simply a great way to preserve your car’s value and overall appearance. For cars that are regularly detailed with both interior and exterior detailing services, it isn’t at all uncommon for people to mistake it for a brand new vehicle. Here in the Riverview area, cars get their fair share of sun, which has a way of degrading your car’s paint in a major way. Don’t allow your precious investment to simply lose its value. While it’s true a new car starts to lose value the minute its bought and driven off the lot, auto detailing by Velocity can maximize its value like no other service. Let us show you how!

Velocity goes beyond vacuuming, removing the trash, and removing contaminants from the leather, vinyl, or plastic parts and pieces. Velocity specializes in treatment products, designed for specific materials, which enhance the shine and protect the materials from exposure. Velocity specializes in preserving your vehicle. 

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