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Cooling costs are a significant expense for central west Florida’s business owners and commercial building managers, not to mention homeowners.  Window tinting films provide an indispensable layer of protection against the sun’s UV rays, reducing glare and protecting the contents within your building. Window tint films can help provide year-round comfort while at the same time protecting your property.

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For unparalleled auto glass removal and tinting services here in Hillsborough County, remember Velocity Tint & Auto Glass. Velocity technicians are capable of traveling to you throughout all of central west Florida. For those with other needs or preferences, Velocity also partners with Brandon Ford/Collision to provide state-of-the-art, in-house glasswork and tinting services.


As a general rule, the crack in your windshield must be less than one inch in diameter in order to be safely repair. Once it becomes larger than that, or if there are cracks spreading across the windshield, then you will need to have it replaced instead. When you call for mobile window windshield replacement service, you can expect that our technicians will explain the procedure in its entirety and you will walk away with a complete understanding of what it takes to replace your windshield. Velocity Tint & Auto Glass always removes the old adhesive and replace it with new sealant to properly install the new windshield.  In the past, cracked auto glass, regardless of how minor, probably ruined your day. Are we right? Well today, it doesn’t need to. Velocity Tint & Auto Glass is prepared to bring replacement to you, all throughout the Tampa area. We always urge our customers to take advantage of our mobile windshield replacement services, for both convenience and added safety. We understand you are busy and may not have the time to drop the car off and still get everything else done. At Velocity Tint & Auto Glass, we pride ourselves on having an advanced team of auto care professionals so that you don’t need to worry about the installation of your windshield. We can safely say, your new windshield will be properly installed. 

Are you unsure as to whether the damage to your windshield can be repaired? Remember, a small crack or chip can more often than not be repaired. A larger one will require a more expensive replacement. Other factors include the size, depth and location of a chip or crack. Technicians with a proven track record factor these variables in when determining the best solution is for damaged car glass. Rely on Tampa’s Velocity Tint & Auto Glass services for mobile repair and replacement! 

Did you recently detect a crack in your windshield? Here’s a guide of what to expect with regard to repair or replacement.


When it comes to your vehicle, the windshield is an essential feature. It also largely factors into your car’s value and your safety. It protects you from the elements, first and foremost. Meanwhile, a chipped, cracked, fractured, or shattered windshield constitutes an emergency and it’s not advisable to drive with windshield damage. That’s why Velocity offers mobile assistance that brings automotive excellence to you. Previously, there may have been a tendency to put off windshield replacement or repair, due to the inconvenience of being able to find the time to safely take the car into the shop. Velocity is proud to service the Riverview area, providing mobile windshield repair so that your time is better spent and the process doesn’t need to include undue stress. Remember, if your windshield is cracked, it can impair your vision on the roadway. If the damage is considerable, the windshield could potentially break. In order to avoid this, contact Tampa’s own, Velocity for mobile windshield repair as soon as you notice the damage. We will have it replaced or repaired in no time.

It sometimes happens that the damage doesn’t even occur while driving. Many of our customers report that they noticed the damage upon returning to their car. For example, a passing hail storm with jagged shards of ice is often responsible for cracked auto glass. Other times, an eventful neighborhood baseball game produces a fast foul ball that hit just right and shatters a windshield (maybe it’s a 12-year-old slugger who’s on track to become the next Anthony Rizzo!). Whatever the reason, Velocity Tint & Auto Glass’s mobile services ensure that windshield repair and replacement are efficient and convenient. The way we see it, a cracked windshield is bad enough. If you value your customers (and we do!), then the repair process should be made as stress-free as possible. That’s what we’re here for. Contact Velocity Tint & Auto Glass. We’ll make short work of the problem.  

Did you recently detect a crack in your windshield? Here’s a guide of what to expect with regard to repair or replacement.


Safety features are designed to help drivers avoid accidents and collisions by offering technologies that alert the motorist to problems and implement safeguards. Recalibration is a major part of today’s advances. Do you have a camera mounted on or near your windshield? If so, the time will come when you need it serviced with recalibration. Manufacturers require either a static or dynamic process and for some vehicles, both processes are required. At Velocity Tinting, we have the expertise to recalibrate your boat or vehicle’s camera. It is imperative to have your car’s technologies properly calibrated, as incorrect fitting compromises your family’s safety. Driver Assistance Systems should be checked if:

  • Your ADAS Camera Is Disconnected
  • Your Camera Is Removed or Shows a Deficiency
  • Your Car Had a Wheel Alignment or Change of Suspension
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